Canon Device Training Guides

Managed Print Services, in collaboration with Canon Solutions, have developed several training documents to help you make the most of your printing/copying experience using Canon devices.

Training Guides

How to Setup Department IDs on Canon Devices

Setup Department IDs

Basic Copy Functions Overview

Basic Copy Functions for Canon Devices

Basic Scan Functions Overview

Basic Scan Functions for Canon Devices

How to Combine Files into PDF

Combining Files and Creating Digital Signatures for Canon Devices

How to Merge Files

How to Merge Different File Types Using Edit and Preview

How to Print Envelopes

Printing Envelopes from Canon Devices

How to Print Postcards

Printing Postcards from Canon Devices

How to Use Mailbox Storage

How to Use the Mailbox Storage Option on Canon Devices

How to Use Secure Print

How to Use the Secure Print Printing Option for Canon Devices

How to Superimpose an Image or Border

How to Superimpose an Image, Border, or Graphic for Canon Devices